History of Ingham and Eaton Counties Michigan

“The region comprising Ingham and Eaton Counties was surveyed into townships in 1824 and 1825 and the section lines were run generally a year or two later The township of Lansing was surveyed by Lucius Lyon in 1825 and the interior lines were run by Musgrove Evans in 1827 The earliest entries of land in the township were made in the fall of 1835.” – pg. 122

“The township of Delta occupies a position in the northeast corner of Eaton County and is bounded north by Clinton County east by Ingham County south by the township of Windsor and west by Oneida It was named from the bend of Grand River in which it lies and which resembles somewhat the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet J A large portion of the Old Maid Swamp lies in this township and has lost few of the terrors it possessed in the days when settlers became lost in it This swamp is filled with a dense growth of tamarack and extends into the adjoining townships of Oneida Benton and Windsor It drains into the Grand River at Dimondale and in an opposite direction into the Thornapple and is a prolific source of agues and malarial fevers The principal stream of the township is Grand River which affords a fine power at Delta Mills . . . – pg. 450

“In that portion of Delta township south of Grand River Genet Brown was the first settler In January 1835 he left Worcester Mass with his wife and two children and came to Michigan settling in Lenawee County where he remained four years Desiring a more favorable location he purchased 240 acres of land in Delta Eaton Co on sections 21 and 22 and on the 8th of February 1839 started to make an inspection of his purchase His route lay via . . . – pg. 453

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