First Marriage in Delta Township

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The first marriage in Delta Township occurred in the summer of 1838 between Addison Hayden and Mary Chadwick. A brief notice was printed in the Grand River City Courier the following day: “Married – At Grand River City by Samuel Preston Esq at the house of the bride’s father Mr Addison Hayden and Miss Mary Chadwick both of Grand River City (3)”

In her recollections to the Pioneer Society of Michigan, Mrs. Ingersoll shared the following story:

“An incident occurred in connection with this event which is worth preserving and is related by the wife of Esquire Preston as follows, “Mr Hayden called and inquired for the Squire I told him he was gone to Mr Nichols. By and by he came home and told me that Mr. Hayden wanted him to marry him. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘you can’t go for your clothes are too ragged.’ But the boys came to the rescue and brought out their clothes and Mr Preston tried them on. One could supply a coat another pants another a vest and the outfit was complete excepting a hat Jason was a pretty spruce young man and had a fur hat which he kindly loaned. This put on the finishing touch On his way to the house Mr Preston thought of a second dilemma worse than the first. He was not a praying man and how could he perform the marriage ceremony without prayer. After a while he hit upon a plan he would invite ES Ingersoll to assist in the services. All passed off pleasantly no one suspecting the perplexities the justice had labored under (1).”

Addison Hayden was born c.1796 in Connecticut was head mechanic at the mill at the time of the marriage. He went on to become the Eaton County Surveyor from 1842-44, 1850-52, 1854-55 and then the Township supervisor from 1846-52 and 1854-55. He left the Township in 1856 to become the Supervisor of North Star Township from 1856-58 followed by the Gratiot County Surveyor from 1857-58 (2).

Mary and Addison Hayden had 10 children. Addison past away in 1872 and Mary followed in 1874.



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